Our Team

Sergio Beristain – Managing Partner

Focused on helping companies become data driven, he has a strong skillset and Harvard training on corporate strategy. He is driven and is ready to understand all aspects of the solution and a solid technical background in setting up data platforms.

Javier Cuerva Heredia – Data Consultant

He is a mathematician capable of building AI/ML algorithms, as well as ETL Data Pipelines, up to the creation of a Data Warehouse and an Analytics Dashboard. Due to his experience as private math teacher, he explains complex issues to different audiences. 

Nathan De Winter – Data Consultant

Focused on resolving new problems, he has a strong data science and data engineering skillset and a large knowledge pool about diverse subjects. He is also a data enthusiast and knows about the whole process from collection to end consumption.

Fernando Gasos Cavestany – Intern (Data Master)

Having passed CFA Level II and currently undergoing a Business Data Analytics master at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, he is an enthusiast of the intersection between financial investments and technologies. He has an art for continuous learning and is a critical thinker. He aims to bring a business perspective to data.