Use Cases

Clinical Trials

A pharmaceutical required a better management of their clinical studies so that they could better manage adverse events. In this scope, it was also necessary to manage data outliers to quickly identify data errors or serious events.


The tool allows the medical inspectors of the trials to follow all of the different medical visits and quickly identify subjects which may have safety issues. It also allows them to get a better insight to measure the efficacy of the compound.

Stock Market

A supervisory authority required better monitoring of the trading of securities and market products. Issues in trading needed to be quickly identified for better supervision.


The solution allow the expert teams to be able to gain quick insights in a performant way, by using the best technologies not only for analytics but also to identify patterns in a big amount of data.


One key strategic initiative of the retail group is to create a cloud solution to support its main corporate objectives. Among some of the improvements to both the customer journey and the business growth are: data monetization, customer loyalty and an efficient supply chain.


The data platform aims at leveraging the different solutions implemented in the different brands and countries. A common data model centralized key information, yet allowing many datasets to serve diverse requirements.

Auto Leasing

As part of the company’s digitalization program part of the migration success was to ensure that analytic dashboards continue to work. Many operational dashboards were managed by business.


The key success was to create a full inventory of all of the different dashboards with business owners to ensure governance. This allowed also to see the different common data elements which will be the base of a common Datawarehouse.


A global insurance company needed to process their claims more efficiently and avoid any waste. To do that, forecasting capacity was key to ensuring that the appropriate staff was allocated to the different types of claims.


We help migrate a local operational tool, and industrialised an analytical tool that would not only create different scenarios and make recommendations – but also use weather data to quickly detect incidents and proactively hire resources.


A funding initiative from a European authority provided funding to different national governments. In this context, they needed a better follow up on the incidents to measure legislative success.


We help create a solution that allows detecting common incidents and fraud detection across Europe. Common incidents were detected to allow a coordinated response.


A company required coordinated response based on the location as well as pre-defined presentations which could be created based on their customer visits.


A tool to allows the sales person to quickly get a customer 360 insights gave them the tool to increase growth. Moreover, they were able present a customized pitch.